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Nail Control Powder (100 gm)

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The Products is very Natural, Herbal & Ayurvedic comes from the house of Tapobhumi. Tapobhumi is a brand that makes the Natural, Ayurvedic and Herbal ingredients based products. Tapobhumi Itching Powder helps fight fungal infections, protects against irritated skin, chafing and rashes. Herbal Ayurvedic Itching Relief Powder For- Alergy, Itching, Pimples, Pustule, Blister Relief. Ideal for Men, Women and Children. SLS & Paraben free product.

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Nail Control Powder

Direction:- Nail Control Powder Take 1 spoon of powder with water 2 times in a day. Use for People age more than 8 years.

Ingredients:- Sarpankha Powder, Ajvain Powder, Ganthhoda Powder, Nagkesa Powder, Bevachi Powder, Jatamsai Powder, Galo Powder, Q.S. Base.



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