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  • Amla Churna – For Skin/Hair/Immune System (100 gm) 80.00
    • Supplements vitamin C, Tonic for eyes, blood purifier & laxative.
    • Considered to have Anti Oxidant Properties
    • Supports Healthy Digestion & promotes healthy metabolism.
    • made from amla or gooseberry which is a rich natural source of vitamin C and has a multitude of other benefits.
    • aid in digestion, detoxify your system, help you fight respiratory problems, and boost your immunity
  • Ashwagandha Churna – For Anxiety/Stress/Muscle Gain (100 gm) 110.00
    • Full of powerful adaptogenic properties to help the mind and body adapt better to stress
    • It nourishes your nerves and improves nerve function to help you maintain calm during stressful situations
    • It nourishes all your bodily tissues, including the joints and nerves
    • It is a very powerful Rasayana and acts as an overall tonic for greater vitality and longevity
    • It helps you coordinate the mind and senses as well, which is very essential for quality sleep
  • Gokhru Churna – For Kidney/ Urinary Diseases (100 gm) 80.00
    • Improves sexual desire and drive, which subsequently improves sexual performance
    • Non- hormonal bio stimulator which increases the level of natural endogenous testosterone Strengthens the penile tissue and enhances penile erection, making it very useful in erectile dysfunction
  • Harde Churna – For Constipation/Stool Quality (100 gm) 90.00
    • Ayurvedic remedy for all digestion-related problems
    • It promotes better digestion by increasing digestive enzymes, suppresses hyper acidity, and improves absorption of nutrients
    • Effectively prevents constipation and piles
    • It also detoxifies the system from toxins
    • It is often used for mouth ulcers, oral sores, and gum disease
    • A rich source of antioxidants that protects the body from serious diseases
  • Shitpladi Churna – For Cough / Cold / Allergic / Infection (100 gm) 150.00
    • Act as an expectorant and provide instant relief from cough and cold.
    • Also, provide relief from burning sensation in hand and feet and loss of appetite.
    • Get absorbed and provide the body with energy and nutrition to fight against the mucous conditions.
  • Shreshtha Churna – For Buttermilk, Help in Digestive (100 gm) 70.00
    • This churana can use for butter milk, curd and fruits and salad.
    • This powder has mage with keeping in mind of taste and health.
    • It can be use in butter milk, curd, green salad, soda, sandwitch and pulse.
    • taste will be charged and adventageous in bile wing acidity by improving digesting powder.
    • Permanent use of this masala advantageous for health.

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  • Triphala Churna – For Indigetion/Gastric/Constipation (100 gm) 80.00
    • Purifies blood and improves blood circulation
    • Rejuvenates skin and brings natural shining to the face
    • Stimulates Digestion
    • Anaha(Distension of abdomen due to obstraction of tools)
    • Prameha(Increased frequency and turbidity of Urine)
    • Netra Roga(Diseases of the eye)
    • KaphpPitta Roga,Khustha(Diseases of Skin)
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