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Chyavanprash – 500 gm

M.R.P : 260 240

Save: 20

  • Hetwik Inc Ayurveda’s Chyavanprash is an old Ayurvedic formulation that boosts the immune system, and protects your body from infections caused by bacteria, viruses and weather change. It has Amla as the main ingredient, rich in Vitamin C and anti-oxidants. Chyavanprash is a rejuvenating health tonic that helps boost immunity and prevent infections. The phyto-ingredients in Chyavanprash helps remove blood impurities and promote appetite and intelligence.
  • Helps in relieving recurrent infections like cough and cold by enhancing immunity. Helps remove blood impurities, eliminates toxins and is good for the liver. The brain rejuvenating herbs present in chyavanprash helps promote memory, intelligence and concentration. Helps in bringing back the balanced state of deranged vata and pitta.
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