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Azad Daraj Malam For Eczema, Ringworm, Itches and Cold Creacks

M.R.P : 70

  • It gives protection against skin disease like ring warm, eczema, scabies, itch etc.
  • Which are occur due to spoiled blood.
  • It snp itch and snp spreed of itch within tree or four days.


Tapobhumi pharmacy born in rundhahnath mahadev with the blessings of shri 1008 Ramanand das Bapu, by this created tapobhumi in the form of Rubin of 70 years old work style of our dadashri Tapubharti maharaj.
Tapobhumi pharmacy got certified licence as per new rules- regulations G.M.P. From government (Gandhinagar F.D.) Tapobhumi pharmacy is running under the observation of Ayurvedic Gold medalist Shri Ayurvedacharya Hiragiriji. In it there are blessings of shri Nileshgiriji bapu (Gondal), sant shri Bansidasbapu ( Delhi).
There are four Veds in our Holy books (shastras) protecting our religion. Body protector ayurved is called fifth ved. Ayurved is protective our body and increasing life human. Ayurved is way of hope for the patients tired of Allopathic Medicines Any old and Incurable diseceses can be cured.effecacious for any pains of body.


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